Mazin What!?

Mazinkaiser. That's what.

Mazinkaiser: Legend of a New Demon God

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Go Nagai's Mazinkaiser short story is in English.

When I say short story, I really mean short. After reading it, I really do wish there was more. But oh well.

Thanks goes to Kakyoin. He kindly offered to translate this story from the Italian edition. Thanks!

So, in the spirit of the holidays, take this surprise.

On the subject of other works: Mazinger volume 4 is fully translated and being worked on, so that's next up on the list. Getter Robo translation will continue after the holidays sometime.


P.S. Go Nagai wrote Mazinkaiser as 魔神皇帝 instead of the usual マジンカイザー. 魔 is demon, 神 is God, 皇帝 is emperor. Pretty cool.


596 Pages of Getter Robo

Here it finally is:
Getter Robo Saga - Getter Robo Volume 1
Getter Robo Saga - Getter Robo Volume 2 Chapter 1
Getter Robo Saga - Getter Robo Volume 2 Chapter 2

Getter Robo Saga - Getter Robo Volume 1
Getter Robo Saga - Getter Robo Volume 2 Chapter 1 Note: Accidentally mislabeled this one as Ch2 on the megaupload description. I apologize.
Getter Robo Saga - Getter Robo Volume 2 Chapter 2

Also take this "Hayato HD Remix" pack. It's various, hi-res images of Hayato's hilarious faces for your convenient reactionface use.
Hayato HD Remix

The second chapter in volume 2 is an entirely new story, exclusive to Getter Robo Saga!

Edit: Replaced the links with new ones, which include redone cover scans. Thanks to all who voted.

New cover scans:


The Demonic Beast (War) Front

Hey, been a while.

I've been doing [insert list of excuses] and haven't released anything in a while. But, releases shall be forthcoming shortly.

Anyway, during this time I've tracked down LD rips of the original Majuu Sensen (The official English title is "The Demonic Beast Front" as seen on the Action Comics manga edition) OVA, which was made in about 1990. I uploaded them and shared them on /m/(and someone else spread them to Garada), so I figure I'll post the links here, also.

Good news about that whole thing, also. Starseeker, our glorious translator for the Mazinger manga and a slew of mecha anime, said she would like to translate these 3 OVA episodes once xmas break hits. So, that'll be another joint project. Dynamic Pro Scanlations is stepping into the world of fansubbing, eh?

Anyway, take these OVAs, sit on your hands and wait for our next release. It should be soon.

魔獣戦線 第1部 「魔獣、来たる」
The Demonic Beast Front Episode 1 - Here Comes the Beast

魔獣戦線 第2部 「引き裂かれた翼」
The Demonic Beast Front Episode 2 - Torn Wings

魔獣戦線 第3部 「永遠なる炎」
The Demonic Beast Front Episode 3 - Blaze into Eternity

P.S. Dynamic Pro Scanlations? More like Ishikawa Pro Scanlations.


Mazinger Z Volume 3

Well, there's volume 3. 2 more volumes to go. Yipee.

Mazinger Z Volume 3

Go over to Starseeker's blog and thank her, and don't forget to check out her other great projects! http://ptolemaios.wordpress.com/

Also, I'd like to correct a MAJOR mistake on the Getter Robo Anthology release! I forgot to credit our DONATORS. I feel like an ass. Without them, it would have never been done! This goes for all of our future Getter releases! Donations really do make or break some very important things around here. You know who you are, and thank you.


Getter Robo Anthology Chapter 1

First release of Anthology!

Getter Robo Anthology: The Final Ten Seconds of Space

This chapter is by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, creators of the Linebarrels of Iron manga.

Releases for Anthology will be sporadic due to C-K's busy schedule, but since no chapters are related to each other, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Still working on finishing up Mazinger Z volume 3, and I've gotten the translation for Getter Robo volume 2 chapter 1.



The Calm Before the (Spin) Storm

Sorry, no releases this time around. I've been working my ass off, but nothing is ready for release quite yet.

Currently working on Mazinger Z volume 3 up to 50 pages shy of being complete. So once I catch up to about 175 on editing, and then get the translation for and edit the last 50 pages, we'll have a release. It's almost there.

This week marks the first week of Getter Robo volume 2 translations. Damage is currently working on the double length 1st chapter, and once we have that out, we'll start doing week by week chapter releases of the original Getter Robo.

So, things have been building up for a while on all fronts, and it'll soon be ready to burst into tangible releases. Bare with us for just a little bit longer.

On another note, do you all remember the "Terror of the Two Demons" chapter from the UFO Robo Grendizer manga? It seems Go Nagai did not write nor draw that chapter, but good ol' Ken Ishikawa did. Interesting. One has to wonder what his other contributions were in various Dynamic Pro manga.

Source: Mazinger Bible (see picture)
>石川賢の「グレンダイザー対ダブルマジンガー」 (「テレビマガシン」 1976年8月増刊号より
Translation: Ken Ishikawa's 「Grendizer vs Double Mazinger」 from (Terebi Magazine August 1976 Special Issue)

It seems the title was changed for the compilation we translated, but that page proves that it's the same story. Who would've thought.


Damn Dinosaur Assassins

Hey all, figure I'd just give a bit of news on the scanlation war front.

Mazinger Z: Got the first script for volume 3, covers the first 25 pages. 26-50 is in the translation checking process. Due to Starseeker's wishes, we'll be doing a full volume release.

Getter Robo: Anthology is scanned, working on Getter Robo Saga 1. If translation takes too long for Anthology, I'll just release the raw to hold everyone over until it gets done.

In other news, I almost got eaten by alligators. Being stuck in a gator infested lake (read: with a flipped boat) for half an hour sucks. That was almost the end of Dynamic Pro Scanlations right there. Fucking Dinosaur Empire.

Have some images.


An Āḥ Inspiring Revelation

They've arrived, starting the scanning process.


Mazinger Z by Ken Ishikawa

This story comes from the very last volume of Getter Robo Āḥ and is translated by good ol' C-K (Who translated Shin Getter Robo and UFO Robo Grendizer). He's also translating Getter Robo Āḥ, so that's great news! A million thanks to him.

Funnily enough, I got the script for this the weekend Shin Mazinger adapted this story. The design of Mazinger Z in Shin Mazinger is based off of this work, which is cool, since Ishikawa's deisgn is great.


Mazinger Z: Relic of Terror by Ken Ishikawa


Getter Robo Go Final

Here's the final chapter.

Getter Robo Go v7 ch4

Getter Robo Go Volume 7 Compilation

Full series torrent

Well, there's a second Getter Robo series down. It's also the longest one.
Now, I'm going to focus on Mazinger Z. I don't have any new translations yet from Starseeker, but I guess I'll start cleaning the next volume tomorrow.

On the topic of the other Getter Robo series:
The last two series I need to do are Getter Robo and Getter Robo Āḥ. But here's the thing, I need to get the Getter Robo Saga editions.

Let me tell you what Getter Robo Saga is: Getter Robo Saga is the final edition of the manga. Ishikawa went back and redrew some parts, corrected the story here and there and even did an entirely new ending to Getter Robo G. Many parts of Shin Getter were altered, a part of Go was changed, and the ending of Āḥ was altered.

Unfortunately, only the very first volume has been scanned, which means I need to personally scan the rest of them. Also, I don't have a dedicated translator right now. Lionel popped in and translated a little bit randomly, but I need someone who is more consistent. I have someone like that, but unfortunately and understandably, he doesn't work for free. You all know I'm willing to spend my own money and hours of my free time to bring you manga, but I can only do so much. Frankly, I've tried to avoid asking for money for the longest time. But Getter Robo Go cost me $120 and Tatari $50 in addition to the standard, time consuming work that goes into scanlating. So, I'm asking you, if you want to see these works in English, please help by donating. I need to purchase the volumes of Getter Robo Saga and help pay the translation. If you can spare any money, please consider helping me. I've already had a kind soul donate some money and I'm infinitely grateful. Any amount will do.

Anyhow, enjoy the ending of GETTER ROBO GO!

UPDATE: Seems MF and MU have killed the links. Please use the torrent from now on. I may reupload later.


Getter Robo Go Volume 7 Chapter 3

Another day, another chapter!

Getter Robo Go v7 ch3

The final chapter is going to be a long one with tons of two-page spreads. Expect it next week, along with a full series torrent and a volume compilation!


Oh god I'm alive

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Sorry about the long absence, folks. I was traveling around, meeting with some friends, making bamboo ladders, etc and I just got back last night. But here's some great news:

Mazinger Z Volume 1
Mazinger Z Volume 2

Volume 1 Megaupload
Volume 2 Megaupload

Our glorious translators are Starseeker and Lunasaint. I also got my friend Steve to edit and typeset some pages while I was gone. Big thanks to everyone.

The new Getter chapters will be out soon, I just got ahold of the script and I'll start my magic after some games of Blazblue. After I finish up Getter Robo Go, I'm going to focus on Mazinger Z. Further details later.

Also, I'm dropping Cutey Honey. While I was gone, Shin-Getter randomly revived and did that, so props to them. Go check out their release.


Aw hell. A while back(and I mean a WHILE back. I'm talking April), good ol' Lionel contacted me with a translation for the first chapter of Getter Robo saga. I figure I'd just throw it out there.

Getter Robo Saga Volume 1 Prologue


Getter Robo Go Volume 6 Complete

Double releases are a sweet thing, aren't they?

Damage sent me two scripts last night, so I figured...why the hell not? This chapter gives us a taste of the raw destructive power Shin Getter Robo possesses.

Getter Robo Go v6 ch3+4
Chapter 3+4 Megaupload

Getter Robo Go v6 Compilation
Volume 6 Megaupload


Getter Robo Go Volume 6 Chapter 2

I said it was coming next week, but I lied. It's a little early.

Getter Robo Go v6 ch2
Megaupload link

Halfway through volume 6, eh? Volume 7 is the final volume, so we're coming to the end of the road here, folks.

So, what's after that? Well...I've been ignoring Cutey Honey for the longest time. So I need to get on that. But also, I've been working with someone called Starseeker. Maybe you've seen her around /m/ or /m/subs. She released an episode of Reideen recently. Anyway, we've been working on....*drumroll*...Mazinger Z! She's already translated a bunch of it, and I've edited 50 pages of Volume 1 and 100 pages of volume 2 (I'm the slow one here. Don't ask why we've got more of volume 2 done than volume 1. A deal with some people dropped out and that's when I came in to edit for Starseeker.)

Also, after we're done with Getter Robo Go, I'm going to see if good ol' Damage wants to continue our partnership. I figure I'll offer to hire him for translating the original Getter Robo and Getter Robo Āḥ. Hopefully, he likes money as much as I like Getter Robo.

Next chapter for Getter Robo Go? Next week, if I get the translation by then.


Volume 6 Chapter 1

Man, that took longer than I would have liked!

Getter Robo Go v6 ch1

But, the important part is, it's out. Our new translator is called Damage, he hails from the moon.

Anyway, enjoy Go vs Ryouma. Next chapter is going to be out some time next week! No doubt about that.


Getter Robo Go Volume 5 Complete

Volume 5 is complete, we're almost there!

Getter Robo Go v5 ch4

Getter Robo Go Volume 5

Alright, this is a important time in our scanlation. The French edition ends at volume 5, and this is where we would translate from Japanese for volumes 6 and 7. Except our translator for 6 and 7 was unable to actually translate anything. Very luckily, we have an alternative: a native Japanese speaker (whom Tatari and I will be paying for volume 6 and 7's translation.) So, we'll be setting up everything with him, and he'll get to work once that's done.

It may take a little while, so don't expect a chapter next week.



Getter Robo Go Volume 4 Chapter 3

Here we are again, 3/4 of the way through another volume. The battle of Alaska is coming to a close in an explosive way!

Getter Robo Go Volume 4 Chapter 3