Skull Manor (Dokuro no Yakata) Complete

Presenting the final chapter of Go Nagai's horror story collection: Skull Manor! This is one bizarre, disturbing and strangely sweet story. I hope you all enjoy it. Many thanks to illustrious translator OtherSideofSky and my comrade-in-scanlation, Wright of HappyScans! Thanks guys, you're the best!

Final Chapter: Skull Manor

And here's the complete volume in one download (now with an English title!)
Go Nagai's Horror Story Collection - Skull Manor

Next release will be the completion of Getter Robo G! Expect to see it soon!!


Getter Robo G Chapter 5 Part 2

The continuation of the massive final chapter! Not much to say without spoiling it, so let me tell you about how I went blind this week.

 So there I was, typing away in photoshop, when my eyes started acting up. The stinging sensation was fairly intense, so I stopped what I was doing and tried to tend to my eyes. As time passed, the pain intensified, and it was getting harder and harder to keep my eyes open.

Long agony short, I couldn't open my eyes for about two days and any amount of light caused severe pain. I went to an optician as soon as I could. Turns out, my contacts had some buildup on them due to their age, and had severely irritated my upper cornea in each eye. Luckily, the condition was temporary and I just needed to give my eyes some rest. Instead of doing that, I completed this chapter.

Getter Robo G Chapter 5 Part 2


Mars Volume 1 Chapter 4

We're halfway through volume 1 with this installment of Mars! In this chapter, many of the mysteries surrounding the titular main character become clear as the nature of the plot reveals itself.

Mars Volume 1 Chapter 4 - The Secret of Mars

This release is brought to you in part by Hokuto no Gun and HappyScans!, be sure to check out all of their great projects. Look forward to the next installment of Getter Robo G and the last chapter of Dokuro no Yakata soon!


Devilman Lady Volume 8

Wow! With this volume, Devilman Lady truly feels like the successor to Devilman as the two plots are now completely intertwined. I've really got to hand it to Nagai for making Dante's Divine Comedy the in-canon basis for this story.

Also, the release of this volume means we're about halfway done with the series. Everyone, be sure to give many, many thanks to OtherSideofSky. He came out of seemingly nowhere, translated all of Amon in an unheard of amount of time (and completed Devilman vs Getter Robo at the same time just because) and has now burned through half of Devilman Lady in three months! Be sure to check out our buddies over at HappyScans!

Devilman Lady Volume 8


Getter Robo G Chapter 5 Part 1

This is the beginning of Getter Robo G's final chapter. I'm releasing this chapter in three separate parts because not only is it over 200 pages in length, but every page is crammed with text and there are two page spreads everywhere.

Not surprisingly, this "chapter" was originally published as multiple interconnected chapters - which explains the overall length. I apologize for not releasing it all at one time, but this single chapter is nearly as long as the four previous chapters combined  - it really does make up nearly half of the entire book.

Enjoy the beginning of the end
Getter Robo G - Last Chapter: Getter's Final Battle! Part 1


Dokuro no Yakata Chapter 4 - Property of the Deceased

Hi all, it's time for another chapter of Dokuro no Yakata. This time, it's a story by Nagai's younger brother who goes under the pen name of Kouenji Hiroshi. Enjoy.

Dokuro no Yakata Chapter 4 - Property of the Deceased

This release is translated by OtherSideofSky and cleaned by Wright of HappyScans! Thanks!


Mars Chapter 3

Here it is! In this chapter, rocks are smashed and boats are borrowed. Also robots.

Mars Chapter 3

Many thanks to Hokuto no Gun and HappyScans! for making this possible.