Status Update

How's 2011 going for everyone?

As you've probably noticed, we haven't released anything new in a little bit. I've actually got the first three chapters (out of five total chapters) of Getter G scanned and ready to be translated. But, our illustrious translator Damage is in the busy process of moving, so the translation work has yet to begin. Great Mazinger is going steady, but I'm also waiting for a new group member to finish some editing work on that. So basically, here I am, sitting on my hands, unable to speed up any part of the process.

So, please bear with us. Once Getter G starts its release, it's going to be very quick since the volume is pretty much scanned and ready to go. As always, I'm steadily working on the saga version of Shin Getter Robo. If no Getter G/Great Mazigner releases happen anytime soon, I'll just fall back on that and release the one or two chapters of Shin Getter I have sitting around just to show that we're alive.

Thanks for understanding, and prepare yourself for Getter G! Ishikawa added an entirely new chapter devoted to Brai's origin (which ties in to later Getter Robo Saga) and completely redrew the final battle (which is about 100 pages of pure action!).