Getter Robo Go Volume 7 Chapter 3

Another day, another chapter!

Getter Robo Go v7 ch3

The final chapter is going to be a long one with tons of two-page spreads. Expect it next week, along with a full series torrent and a volume compilation!


  1. What about Shutendoji, Susano Ou and other Devilman-like works?

    Since Cutie Honey is canceled.

  2. I have no plans to do any of those works at the moment.

    Besides, the biggest hurdle is finding a translator. I've gone through roughly six or seven translators with just Getter Robo Go (and many more that didn't even get to the translation part).

    I'm just trying to focus on doing Mazinger Z and the two other Getter series.

    If I had a list of works I personally wanted to do...Hmm. I'd say:
    Makai Tensho
    Majuu Sensen
    Kyomu Senshi Miroku
    Skull Killer Jakiou

    They're all Ishikawa works. I'm pretty biased.

    I'm not too interested in doing other Nagai works because they're either too long (Violence Jack, Devilman Lady) or don't have an ending (Susano Oh, Mazin Saga).

  3. I didn't know a Getter could do that.

  4. Oww... Majuu Sensen will be great!!
    Mazinger is not a too long series either...

    Personally I like more the Ishikawa´s from late 80s, when he begins to draw in a less nagaish-style, but Majuu Sensen is good even for this period.

    I know this a Dynamic exclusive scanlating, but what do you thing about Shotaro Ishinomori or Mitsuteru Yokoyama? For me, they are other genius mangaka that don´t have too many works translated for english...

  5. I love you guys so much.