Getter Robo Go Volume 6 Chapter 2

I said it was coming next week, but I lied. It's a little early.

Getter Robo Go v6 ch2
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Halfway through volume 6, eh? Volume 7 is the final volume, so we're coming to the end of the road here, folks.

So, what's after that? Well...I've been ignoring Cutey Honey for the longest time. So I need to get on that. But also, I've been working with someone called Starseeker. Maybe you've seen her around /m/ or /m/subs. She released an episode of Reideen recently. Anyway, we've been working on....*drumroll*...Mazinger Z! She's already translated a bunch of it, and I've edited 50 pages of Volume 1 and 100 pages of volume 2 (I'm the slow one here. Don't ask why we've got more of volume 2 done than volume 1. A deal with some people dropped out and that's when I came in to edit for Starseeker.)

Also, after we're done with Getter Robo Go, I'm going to see if good ol' Damage wants to continue our partnership. I figure I'll offer to hire him for translating the original Getter Robo and Getter Robo Āḥ. Hopefully, he likes money as much as I like Getter Robo.

Next chapter for Getter Robo Go? Next week, if I get the translation by then.


  1. Fuck yeah Getter Guys! You are AWSUM!!

  2. This is some great news! I'm especially looking forward to the original Getter Robo manga, the translated volume 1 that floats around was very good.

  3. Whoah, up so fast! Thank yew

  4. Jesus Christ I love you people so damn much.

  5. You're all awesome. You, Starseeker, Science, that one guy on youtube who's doing Daimos, the guys doing Baldios, Vifam, Xabungle, Dougram, every last one of you.

    I love you all!

  6. Can't believe you guys actually invested money into this! That's dedication for ya.

    Many, MANY thanks! I love Getter Go!

  7. Awesome work!

    You guys ROCK!

  8. You guys are awesome, I'm just consistently amazed whenever I see your updates!