Shin Getter Robo: Struggle for the Dragon Act I

Shin Getter Robo Chapter 6 (of 9)
Shin Getter Robo: Struggle for the Dragon Act I

This chapter features some great new artwork by Ishikawa, including a new two-page spread. He reorganized the beginning of this chapter, and I think it came out a lot better than the previous edition.

 In other news, namely Gekiman, I'm sad to say that I'll be unable to continue work on this series. I was able to do the first chapter, but circumstances are such that Project Bite Me! Scanlations will be continuing this series at a later date without Dyanmic Pro Scanlations. So, be sure to support them when its released!

Here's a rough release of Gekiman Chapter 1 by Project Bite Me! and Dynamic Pro Scanlations.


Shin Getter Robo: First Contact Act II

This concludes the First Contact story arc of Shin Getter Robo.
Getter Robo Saga - Shin Getter Robo Chapter 5

One interesting thing to note about the Shin Getter Robo manga is that its really a collection of stories that Ishikawa did over the course of three years. Here's a listing of the original publication dates for the various chapters comprising the Shin Getter Robo manga:

Getter Robo vs Getter Robo G - Comic and Game Kingdom (Futabasha) August issue, 1996
A New Conflict - New Super Robot Wars F Comic (Futabasha) 6/28/1997
First Contact Act I - Super Robot Wars F Comic 1/15/1998
First Contact Act II - Super Robot Wars F Final Volume Comic 9/8/1998
Crater Battle - Shin Getter Robo Visual Book (Hobby Japan) 12/1/1998
Struggle for the Dragon Act I - Super Robot Wars F Comic PS Edition 4/12/1999
Encounter with the Unknown - Getter Robo Generation (Moby Dick) 6/25/1999
Struggle for the Dragon Act II - Super Robot Wars F Final Volume Comic PS Edition 8/28/1999
Prelude to Destruction - Super Robot Wars Complete Box Comic 12/11/1999 
Evolution's End - Shin Getter Robo Compliation 2 (Futabasha) 4/17/2000 

Taken from: ビバ!ダイナミック


Shin Getter Robo: First Contact Act I and New Projects

First up, here's chapter 4 from Shin Getter Robo (Saga ver).
Getter Robo Saga - Shin Getter Robo Chapter 4

Sorry, still no Getter Robo G release. Apparently, Damage shall restart his translation efforts sometime next month. I apologize for the wait. Great Mazinger shall be released when the entire volume is completed, as per the translator's instructions.

Also, I'm looking for Japanese to English translators. I want to release more Dynamic Pro manga and speed up the translations of current projects. Working for free is a plus, but I'm also quite willing to pay.

Get in contact with me if you are willing to translate or know someone who might be. I have many potential projects, ranging from very short to long. So if you're worried about devoting time, talk to me and we should be able to reach an arrangement that best works for you and your schedule.

Moving on to other news...

I'm happy to announce two new projects.

First is Gekiman, which shall be done as a joint with Project Bite Me! Scanlations. They will be providing the scans and translation, while I typeset. So really, I'm just along for the ride. If you haven't done it already, go check out their work. They're translating Violence Jack and Enma-kun, among other great manga.

The other project is Getter Robo Bible. First, I just want to say that this will be an untranslated release. I bought the book a while back for personal enjoyment, and I've decided to scan it and release it as is due to fan demand. It's a very text heavy book, but there are tons of great pictures and concept sketches. If we're lucky, maybe it'll pique the interest of a translator (if so, contact me and I'll typeset). Probably not. But anyway, look forward to that!

Here's some sample scans from Getter Robo Bible: