Majuu Sensen Volume 1 Chapter 3

Takeru Kyori continues his unstoppable rampage to scanlate Majuu Sensen! In this chapter, Professor Kuruma continues his ungodly experiments in defiance of any and all costs. Shinichi's despair reaches new depths in the face of his father's evil.

Majuu Sensen Volume 1 Chapter 3

Praise be to Takeru Kyori for his wonderful translation/editing and HappyScans! for their quality cleaning. Enjoy!


Shin Mazinger Zero Volume 4 Chapter 3 and Majuu Sensen Chapters 1 + 2

At long last, here it is
Shin Mazinger Zero Volume 4 Chapter 3

This chapter continues the battle between Kouji and Baron Ashura while also exploring the mystery of Kouji's alleged demise in a previous battle. Thanks again to OtherSideofSky for his great translation and all of the help from our buddies over at HappyScans!

Additionally, you may have noticed that Takeru Kyori has begun releasing Majuu Sensen in English! This is a great Ken Ishikawa series from the 1980s that combines his vivid imagination and style with biblical myth in a no holds barred action sci-fi manga that inspired two OVA series, a sequel manga and was a heavy influence on the visual direction (among other things) of the Change Getter Robo OVA (Getter Robo Armageddon). Be sure to check it out!

Majuu Sensen Chapter 1
Majuu Sensen Chapter 2