Getter Robo Volume 2 Chapter 5

Hey all, how's it been?

This is the second to last chapter of Getter Robo. I was planning on releasing the entire ending all at once, but since Damage is busy and I didn't want to make you guys wait any longer, I decided to just release this by itself.

Getter Robo Volume 2 Chapter 5

And here's some special hi-res pages for your enjoyment.

Getter Robo Volume 2 Chapter 5 HD Pack

Well, there you go. After this is the final chapter (and an extra chapter made especially for Getter Robo Saga, starring Musashi). Once that is finished, we'll be moving onto Getter Robo G which is 1 volume consisting of about 500 pages. Also, I'm currently working on the last volume of Mazinger Z, so expect that.