Mazin What!?

Mazinkaiser. That's what.

Mazinkaiser: Legend of a New Demon God

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Go Nagai's Mazinkaiser short story is in English.

When I say short story, I really mean short. After reading it, I really do wish there was more. But oh well.

Thanks goes to Kakyoin. He kindly offered to translate this story from the Italian edition. Thanks!

So, in the spirit of the holidays, take this surprise.

On the subject of other works: Mazinger volume 4 is fully translated and being worked on, so that's next up on the list. Getter Robo translation will continue after the holidays sometime.


P.S. Go Nagai wrote Mazinkaiser as 魔神皇帝 instead of the usual マジンカイザー. 魔 is demon, 神 is God, 皇帝 is emperor. Pretty cool.


  1. Thank you so much for this release!

    I couldn't stop laughing after Dr. Hell revived Baron Asura by fertilizing his/her/their ovules. The whole second half is completely hilarious.

  2. Awww Fuck you Go nagai Fuck you for doing something this awesome and not continuing it any further

  3. Thanks for this translation. I wanna know if it is the first manga version of Mazinkaiser and if the another version that exists was created from the anime.

  4. >I wanna know if it is the first manga version of Mazinkaiser

    Probably, but I'm not positive.

    >the another version that exists was created from the anime.

    Nope. It's an original story.

  5. I love you guys! The whole reviving Ashura was creepy and kinda funny and then comes Other Ashura. Hehehe. On another note fudge you Koji! How dare you leave Mazinger Z like that! And fudge you Go Nagai! How dare you leave us hanging like this! Pure evil I say!

  6. Thank you for the translation.
    When did Dynamic Production issue this manga ?

  7. Cool stuff.

    I believe there was supposed to be another Mazinkaiser story written by Nagai, unless it just continues from this. it runs parallel with the OVA with some differences (Mazinger being rebuilt at the same time, the Mazinger Team making an appearance, Dr Hell being shot but made no difference, and Mazinkaiser ditched at the bottom of the ocean in the end of the story all battle damaged). Can't remember where I saw it.

  8. Frob, that was an entirely different story by Naoto Tsushima.