Shin Getter Robo Volume 2 Chapter 3

Here it is folks!


Remeber, our next release will have a bit of a delay!


Shin Getter Robo Daily Dose

Here we go!


Currently, we're working on Getter Robo Go volume 1. But unfortunately, there are no
individual chapters. So we're only able to do full volume releases for that series, so please be patient with us.

Also, after tomorrow's release, our translator will out for a couple of days. After he gets back, we'll complete the final chapter of Shin Getter Robo!

Edit: Goof on my part. I didn't remember to put our new member, dx int, onto the credits. He's going to be doing the RAW cleaning from now on. While I just do the typesetting now.



Devilman by Go Nagai

This is a release done by myself, Anonymous K, Choutte and Darkrufy a bit ago(4/22/08).

Though not Getter Robo related, this is Go Nagai's masterpiece that deserves to be read by all.

Links for all volumes:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

If you haven't read this, download it now. This comes with my highest recommendation.

Edit: Volume 4 link updated.


Today marks the completion of Shin Getter Robo volume 1!

Here's a 2nd version of chapter 3 that fixes some errors and adds a credit page.

Here's chapter 4

aaand here's Volume 1 in its complete glory. (rapidshare link)

Next on the list is Shin Getter Robo volume 2, and even more good news:

The translator for Getter Robo Go has gotten ahold of his books and is starting to translate tomorrow! Everything is going great! Spread the word on Getter Robo!

Shin Getter Robo volume 1 chapter 3

C-K, translator for these releases, is an incredibly awesome guy. He dished out this chapter incredibly fast. All props go to him! Without him, this wouldn't be possible!

Get the new chapter right here!

Quick note: Forgot to put a credits page in this release. But it's the same as chapter 2.

Edit: link updated to version 2.


Shin Getter Robo First Release!

Today marks this blog's debut and the first release of Shin Getter Robo from us!

Shin Getter Robo volume 1 chapter 1 was done by the group Shin-Getter a while back, so
here's a link for that here

Our first release is Shin Getter Robo chapter 2, which you can get here from mediafire.

Expect another release soon!