UFO Robo Grendizer

Well, isn't this from out of nowhere?

This is the original version of UFO Robo Grendizer by Go Nagai. It's one volume long, and pretty different from the anime.

This project was actually a commission by one of our readers. So, this wouldn't have been possible without him. Thank you!

This group may go by the release name of "Getter-Robo", but I'm personally open to all Dynamic Pro titles, if there's a willing translator to work on it. If I ever get a chance to do any other titles by Nagai/Ishikawa or Dynamic Pro in general, you can be sure I'll do it.

I hope you enjoy UFO Robo Grendizer!

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Getter Robo Go v2 ch2

Getter Robo Go volume 2 chapter 2

Here it is! It's good to be back on track.

Though it may seem like we only took a couple of days to do v2 ch1 and ch2, remember that I had v2 ch1 done about a week ahead of time. So the next chapter will probably be out next week/weekend.

Enjoy, this is a really good chapter. The story really takes off at this point.


Getter Robo Go Volume 1 Complete & Volume 2 Chapter 1

First off, I'm sorry about the long delay from our last release to this one. We actually had volume 2 chapter 1 done a bit before the last chapter of volume 1 due to some mishaps.

But here's the good news:

Volume 1 Chapter 4

Volume 1 Complete

Volume 2 Chapter 1

The Volume 1 compilation features updated editing. I went through the older releases and found the minor mistakes I had made in my rush to release, and fixed them accordingly. So I suggest downloading the volume compilation.

We should have the next chapter out within a week, I don't think anymore mishaps like this last time will happen for a while.