Rebirth!! Dynamic Pro Scanlations

I have returned and with me I bring the first of things to come!

Giant Robo Volume 1
Giant Robo Volume 2
Mars Volume 5

Giant Robo volume 1 and Mars volume 5 have been re-edited, so consider these the archival versions if you're already downloaded past releases of them. If you guys want a torrent for Mars, let me know.

Okay. So you're all wondering - What the hell happened to me? Well, long story short I went on vacation. A long vacation. A six month long vacation consisting of me doing backbreaking physical labor in order to pay my bills and stabilize real life shit because I wasted all of my time and energy editing manga for about four years up until now. Whoops.

It also didn't help that I felt dead inside after finally completing Getter Robo Saga (okay okay I still need to redo Go). That was like edging non-stop for years. Poor Ishikawa, to suddenly pass away like that. But in a way, Getter Robo Arc ended in classic Ishikawa style.

Which brings me to Giant Robo, a series by the great Mitsuteru Yokoyama that greatly influenced Ken Ishikawa and Go Nagai along with many others.

This is the oldest manga I've worked on personally, and one of the most entertaining. One thing I love about this manga, and Yokoyama's style in general, is that he will often switch the story's perspective to that of the villains as they try to plan and fight against Robo, Kusama and UN Special Agency. It was also fun to edit because of all of the preserved magazine content, like the story synopsis and publishing date for each chapter. The art is also a joy to behold, since I simply love the clean and fluid style of manga's forefathers (Yokoyama, Tezuka and Ishinomori specifically) and this manga just has a great visual style in general, especially in volume two. All in all, it's pretty short at two volumes. I really, really wish there was more of this since it was so fun. There's always that Tetsujin-28 series though...

Now, you people keep spamming my inbox about this "Shin Mazinger Zero" stuff that's by those guys who brought you "Wolf Guy: Highschool Teacher Gangbang on Namek". You guys are weird, but okay. That's going to be a our new main project once OtherSideofSky, destroyer of Devilman Ladies, puts Blade of the Immortal to rest. Which also happens to be a pretty good manga. Who would have thought.

Let me give you guys the rundown on what's going to happen before you all think I've disappeared again. I'm going to be scanning a lot of stuff. All at once. So while I might release a chapter here and there, I'll be in a scanning-cocoon mode until we're ready to start releases.Okay? Okay.

As always, big thanks to Hokuto no Gun and, of course, HappyScans! These guys are awesome and you know it. While other groups are busy arguing with each other, waving their e-peen and generally being shitty, these guys are pumping out manga scanlations faster than Go Nagai could pump out weekly serializations.

P.S. Are you watching Suisei no Gargantia? No? Don't come back until you fix that. 
P.P.S. Starseeker, we need to complete Great Mazinger.
P.P.P.S. Anyone else who emailed me these past months and didn't get a reply, try again.
P.P.P.P.S. I have Kyomu Senki. It's amazing. Thank you, Wright.