Oh god I'm alive

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Sorry about the long absence, folks. I was traveling around, meeting with some friends, making bamboo ladders, etc and I just got back last night. But here's some great news:

Mazinger Z Volume 1
Mazinger Z Volume 2

Volume 1 Megaupload
Volume 2 Megaupload

Our glorious translators are Starseeker and Lunasaint. I also got my friend Steve to edit and typeset some pages while I was gone. Big thanks to everyone.

The new Getter chapters will be out soon, I just got ahold of the script and I'll start my magic after some games of Blazblue. After I finish up Getter Robo Go, I'm going to focus on Mazinger Z. Further details later.

Also, I'm dropping Cutey Honey. While I was gone, Shin-Getter randomly revived and did that, so props to them. Go check out their release.


Aw hell. A while back(and I mean a WHILE back. I'm talking April), good ol' Lionel contacted me with a translation for the first chapter of Getter Robo saga. I figure I'd just throw it out there.

Getter Robo Saga Volume 1 Prologue



    So glad to have you guys back =D

  2. Oh god! You have no reason to apologize. This massive update more than makes up for it o_o. I am a very happy person right now o_o. If you don't mind I'm going to start reading. Awesome job as usual and good luck with everything else!

  3. Great to have you back, DPS! I've been wearing out my F5 button waiting for this day.

    What is Getter Robo Saga? Do you mean this is ch. 0 of the original Getter manga?

  4. >What is Getter Robo Saga?

    That's a good question, let me tell you.

    Getter Robo Saga is the final edition of the Getter Robo manga.

    Ken Ishikawa went through each part of the manga and added new chapters, redid some parts, separated Getter Robo and Getter Robo G and added some commentary at the end of the volumes. There are also less volumes, because the volumes are generally bigger.

    The changes(taken from the JP wiki):
    * ゲッターロボ
    o プロローグに加筆、新エピソードを追加
    * ゲッターロボG
    o 新エピソードを追加、最終決戦を加筆
    * ゲッターロボ號
    o 神隼人が早乙女研究所崩壊の経緯を語る部分を、『真ゲッターロボ』の内容に合わせる形で描き直し
    * 真ゲッターロボ
    o ゲッターエンペラー関連のページを一部再編集、エピローグを加筆
    * ゲッターロボ アーク
    o エピローグを加筆

    It says:
    Getter Robo: Prologue chapter, extra episode.

    Getter Robo G: New episode, Final battle changed.

    Getter Robo Go: Hayato's explanation about the Saotome Research Lab changed to fit with Shin Getter Robo's events.

    Shin Getter Robo: Changes to Getter Emperor related pages and changes to epilogue.

    Getter Robo Āḥ: Revised epilogue.

    Unfortunately, scans of only the very first volume exist. Personally, I want to buy Getter Robo Saga and scan and give you guys the extra content, but only time will tell if I can get the funds for that.

  5. If it's a matter of funds for buying the books, how about adding a donation button? Not that you should depend on it, but I'm sure people would be willing to chip in a bit. I would, at least.

  6. >If it's a matter of funds for buying the books, how about adding a donation button?

    Yeah, I've been toying with this idea for a bit.

    Since only the first volume of Getter Robo Saga is scanned, I would personally have to scan the rest. Also, I would be able to secure a translator for the rest of Getter Robo if I had some cash.
    I already spent $120 dollars doing Getter Robo Go and I'm not exactly made of money.

    If you guys could help me out by donating, I would be forever grateful and it would guarantee that we would get Getter Robo in English.