Getter Robo Go Volume 6 Complete

Double releases are a sweet thing, aren't they?

Damage sent me two scripts last night, so I figured...why the hell not? This chapter gives us a taste of the raw destructive power Shin Getter Robo possesses.

Getter Robo Go v6 ch3+4
Chapter 3+4 Megaupload

Getter Robo Go v6 Compilation
Volume 6 Megaupload


  1. Wow, two chapter release!

    Awesome. Thanks a lot, guys :)

  2. 4 days... two chapter... holy shit! One book left, goddamn you guys are fast.

    Thanks! I re-read vols 5 and 6 just to better enjoy your double release. Made my monday =)

  3. Fucking shin Getter! You monster!

    Awesome release, thanks guys!

  4. Ok... I know I'm late in saying this and I know you guys hear it from others plenty of times but still... You guys are just waaay to awesome!! XD. I thought the last chapter was epic but these last 2 made my horrible day into the best day ever XD I can't wait for the next one. Many thank you's for all this and for your friend who translates. Keep up the good work =3

  5. Waiting for the Final episode!!
    This is soooo cooooool.
    I hope damage accepts your offer so you can continue to traslate the gettaa saga.
    Keep up the excellent work.