The Demonic Beast (War) Front

Hey, been a while.

I've been doing [insert list of excuses] and haven't released anything in a while. But, releases shall be forthcoming shortly.

Anyway, during this time I've tracked down LD rips of the original Majuu Sensen (The official English title is "The Demonic Beast Front" as seen on the Action Comics manga edition) OVA, which was made in about 1990. I uploaded them and shared them on /m/(and someone else spread them to Garada), so I figure I'll post the links here, also.

Good news about that whole thing, also. Starseeker, our glorious translator for the Mazinger manga and a slew of mecha anime, said she would like to translate these 3 OVA episodes once xmas break hits. So, that'll be another joint project. Dynamic Pro Scanlations is stepping into the world of fansubbing, eh?

Anyway, take these OVAs, sit on your hands and wait for our next release. It should be soon.

魔獣戦線 第1部 「魔獣、来たる」
The Demonic Beast Front Episode 1 - Here Comes the Beast

魔獣戦線 第2部 「引き裂かれた翼」
The Demonic Beast Front Episode 2 - Torn Wings

魔獣戦線 第3部 「永遠なる炎」
The Demonic Beast Front Episode 3 - Blaze into Eternity

P.S. Dynamic Pro Scanlations? More like Ishikawa Pro Scanlations.


  1. Ishikawa pro scanlation new name now! XD

    Do you have winny? Could you download ishikawas mangas and share it? I have winny but it don't work, i have a downloadref.txt with a lot ishikawa's mangas, if you can do this favor to ishikawa's fans... :)

  2. Yeah, I got winny. Hence why these raws are uploaded.

    The only Ishikawa manga that isn't already available by DDL/torrent that you posted in the http://hashdb.com/search.php?q=%E7%9F%B3%E5%B7%9D%E8%B3%A2&t=any&p=1&s=u link is 超護流符伝 ハルカ which I'll be trying to get. The rest is readily available. It's a golf comic. Seriously. It looks hilarious.

    I'll share it if I manage to secure it.

  3. Sorry for the incovenients but can you say me what mangas of ishikawa you have? I have this:

    Battle Hawk
    Gale! Jyukitai
    Getter Robo
    Getter Robo G
    Shin Getter Robo
    Getter Robo Go
    Getter Robo Ark
    Getter Robo Juvenile
    Getter Robo The big battle
    Getter Robo G The big battle
    Majuu Zensen
    Shin Majuu Zensen
    Makai Tensho
    Seiten Taisen Freeder Bag
    Super Robo Retsuden
    Tiger of 5000 light-years
    Southern Cross

    Also any more non-ishikawa's mangas but related with him (and you translations).

  4. All of those and 創世戰記, 爆末傳, 禍MAGA, 魔空八犬傳.

    But those are already available in the same thread with Majuu Sensen on /m/ in the Ishikawa STK files. The link is: http://www.mediafire.com/?qdycjbi2mzz

  5. Looks like there's no backing out for me now

  6. >Looks like there's no backing out for me now

    My apologies. Just consider it really low priority. I have my hands full, also.

  7. Just joking that now people know about it, I can't procrastinate about it too much.

  8. Why is God always the villain in Nagai's work? Is it because demons are cool looking?

  9. The Demonic Beast Front is by Ishikawa, not Nagai.