The Calm Before the (Spin) Storm

Sorry, no releases this time around. I've been working my ass off, but nothing is ready for release quite yet.

Currently working on Mazinger Z volume 3 up to 50 pages shy of being complete. So once I catch up to about 175 on editing, and then get the translation for and edit the last 50 pages, we'll have a release. It's almost there.

This week marks the first week of Getter Robo volume 2 translations. Damage is currently working on the double length 1st chapter, and once we have that out, we'll start doing week by week chapter releases of the original Getter Robo.

So, things have been building up for a while on all fronts, and it'll soon be ready to burst into tangible releases. Bare with us for just a little bit longer.

On another note, do you all remember the "Terror of the Two Demons" chapter from the UFO Robo Grendizer manga? It seems Go Nagai did not write nor draw that chapter, but good ol' Ken Ishikawa did. Interesting. One has to wonder what his other contributions were in various Dynamic Pro manga.

Source: Mazinger Bible (see picture)
>石川賢の「グレンダイザー対ダブルマジンガー」 (「テレビマガシン」 1976年8月増刊号より
Translation: Ken Ishikawa's 「Grendizer vs Double Mazinger」 from (Terebi Magazine August 1976 Special Issue)

It seems the title was changed for the compilation we translated, but that page proves that it's the same story. Who would've thought.


  1. No need to worry Patrick. After all, you and the Dynamic Pro Team are to thank for all these awesome manga. Thanks for sharing these with everyone

  2. Yep, that's true, the Grendizer tai Great Mazinger story is from Ishikawa, more like the counterpart for the same-name movie than part of the manga. Actually, the original Grendizer serialization was not finished by Nagai but by Yu Okazaki. In fact, no compiled tankobon has ever published the full serialization. Instead of that, Ken Ishikawa's story has always been added to fill the tankobon, all published versions of it.

  3. Thanks for the update!

    Take your time bros, thanks for your hard work. :)

  4. Don't worry about it. Take your time. You guys are doing so much as it is X3 And the Grendizer tai Great Mazinger was done by Ken Ishikawa really surprised me. I didn't even know that o_o.