Getter Robo Arc Complete

I have returned, and with me I bring the conclusion to Getter Robo Arc.

Getter Robo Arc Volume 2 Chapter 13
Getter Robo Arc Volume 2 Chapter 14

Getter Robo Arc Volume 1 Part 1
Getter Robo Arc Volume 1 Part 2

Getter Robo Arc Volume 2 Part 1
Getter Robo Arc Volume 2 Part 2

Getter Robo Arc Complete (Torrent)

The final chapter of Getter Robo Arc was originally published in Super Robot Magazine Volume 14 (2003/09/19). If this were the original magazine publication, the story would end on page 354 of chapter 14. Instead, the Action Comics and Futabasha Getter Robo Saga printing have an additional 20 pages that Ishikawa added after the magazine was discontinued. But he would never get the chance to continue the series as he had planned. Ken Ishikawa passed away on 2006/11/15.

So ends the story of Getter's journey. From a manga that began in the 1970s to a life-long work stretching into the early 2000s. Each Getter series is its own story, but how they lead into each other is what makes them so compelling. It seemed that Getter Robo Arc was the beginning of the end for the Getter series in a lot of ways - but no one knows what could have been.

I just want to thank everyone that's helped me in my mission to get the Getter Robo series scanlated. OtherSideofSky, Damage, Tatari, C-K, donators, and many more. I've still yet to scan and edit the Saga version of Getter Robo Go, but as of now, the complete story of Getter Robo Saga is available in English. Enjoy the finale of Getter Robo.

In other scanlation news, my joint project with Hokuto no Gun and HappyScans has also been completed. Ken Ishikawa's Super Robot Retsuden is done!

Super Robot Retsuden