Devilman Lady Volume 11

All I can say is.... Devilman Ghost!

Devilman Lady Volume 11

Translator and typesetter OtherSideofSky says that he does indeed sleep, and claims that he's not a cyborg though he admits to having a certain fondness for scarves. So cyborg or not, thanks goes to OtherSideofSky and Wright of HappyScans! for this release.


  1. I've read the first volume of Devilman Lady this summer and just when i wanted to read more, i've found out that there was no translations for the next chapters. Recently i've found this site and i just want to thank everyone who works on all those manga. Keep up the awesome work please.

  2. Thank you all for another brilliant release!

    He likes scarves? o_o
    Should we donate scarves? o_o

  3. SUDDENLY Volume 11. Yes Jun, everything looks better in a cape. Look at Getter in Armageddon and his sexy cape. DAT sexy cape <3. *ahem* I mean yeah, awesome cape <_< >_>...

    So he likes scarves huh... I read some company was making replicas of Ichiro Mizuki's super awesome red scarf with built-in wires for posing but they were only made in limited quantity and I think they sold out.
    [url=http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2011-12-09/super-robot-singer-ichiro-mizuki-trademark-red-scarf-sold]Here's the article about it.[url/]
    Curse you timing! Curse you!