Skull Manor (Dokuro no Yakata) Complete

Presenting the final chapter of Go Nagai's horror story collection: Skull Manor! This is one bizarre, disturbing and strangely sweet story. I hope you all enjoy it. Many thanks to illustrious translator OtherSideofSky and my comrade-in-scanlation, Wright of HappyScans! Thanks guys, you're the best!

Final Chapter: Skull Manor

And here's the complete volume in one download (now with an English title!)
Go Nagai's Horror Story Collection - Skull Manor

Next release will be the completion of Getter Robo G! Expect to see it soon!!


  1. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  2. Thanks. I wonder why no one bothers to leave a comment... Well most the people are stupid leechers i guess, but you can at least tell how popular you are by looking at the number of downloads :P