Getter Robo G Chapter 5 Part 1

This is the beginning of Getter Robo G's final chapter. I'm releasing this chapter in three separate parts because not only is it over 200 pages in length, but every page is crammed with text and there are two page spreads everywhere.

Not surprisingly, this "chapter" was originally published as multiple interconnected chapters - which explains the overall length. I apologize for not releasing it all at one time, but this single chapter is nearly as long as the four previous chapters combined  - it really does make up nearly half of the entire book.

Enjoy the beginning of the end
Getter Robo G - Last Chapter: Getter's Final Battle! Part 1


  1. Awesome seeing this comming to a close soon. Especially since Ive been holding off on Getter Robo GO since Id like to read em chronologically.

  2. Thanks so much, guys! Can't wait to re-read the whole Saga from scratch!