Getter Robo G - The Terrifying Bacteriological Bomb

We're just one chapter away from completion now. The next chapter after this one is the final - but its nearly 200 pages in length (that's an entire volume for most series)! Therefore, Getter Robo G Chapter 5 will be released in two parts. Many thanks to OtherSideofSky for his translation.

Getter Robo G Chapter 4

In other news, expect a Mars and Dokuro no Yakata release tomorrow!


  1. Incredible! This chapter openly refers to "The Andromeda Strain" (a novel by Michael Crichton in 1969, then a movie by Robert Wise in 1971). And it refers to it as "in-universe"! That must be the most unexpected crossover ever. Next I'll see the film, I won't be able to get it out of my skull that this takes place on Nagai/Ishikawa-Earth! ;-)

  2. Awesome work!

    Man, I really love that second half. Really clever solution... always fun to see Ishikawa having fun with the concept.

  3. Hello:

    Thanks for the realease. I am doind the Shin Getter manga to spanish as you know. I am now almost the half of the entire series but i am slow. As you can see i continue working on it so please, be patient.

    Thanks for all.