Getter Robo G and the Future of Getter Robo Scanlations

Man, it sure was difficult getting this released. But, it's finally here! Many, many thanks to OtherSideofSky for translating this and a shout out to Wright for checking over the work.

Getter Robo G consists of 5 chapters, and I'll release one per week. Now, with that out of the way, I'd like to talk about future Getter Robo projects; namely Getter Robo Arc.

Aside from Shin Getter Robo, I have had to personally pay for the translation of each Getter Robo series due to the scarcity of translators. This has cost me about $250 in all (not counting the fees for actually buying the books), and now that total has jumped up to $350 with the translation of Getter Robo G. So what am I getting at? Well, this: I need donations. Getter Robo Arc, at this rate, will not be released unless I can scrounge up another $100 that I don't have.

You may be thinking, "Oh, I don't have the money to spare!"
Well, I know that feeling, because I'm completely broke from spending all of my free money on this stuff. But consider this: thousands of people download these releases (that's just mediafire links. I'm not even counting everyone who reads it on sites like mangafox or get it from alternative download links/torrents) so if just a small portion of readers donated anywhere from $2 to $5, paying for the translation is easy. I'm not asking for a high dollar value, I'm just asking for a lot of people to chip in a very small amount of money. Basically, we need to spirit bomb these translation fees.

Now, there have been those of you that have donated in the past. Thank you! This message is not for you - you've done your part and I fully appreciate all the help I've gotten financially for these projects. Once again, thank you. You're the reason that the Getter scanlations have even gotten this far.

I've tried my hardest to bring everyone these great comics by Dynamic Pro for nearly 4 years now, and I'm asking you - those who get to enjoy these releases - to help me help you. Remember this - Getter Robo G was delayed so long because of translator and financial difficulties.

Anyhow, that's the gist of things. Enjoy reading Getter Robo G Chapter 1!

UPDATE: In just a few days, we've reached our goal! I cannot thank you all enough for your support. Look forward to Getter Robo Arc!


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for more Getter Robo. And I hope everyone, including myself, can contribute with any ammount of money, be it today or in these upcoming weeks.

  2. Getter Robo is one of my favorite super robots, and since playing a few SRW games and watching New Getter and a few OVA's I've always wanted to read the source material. That would not be possible without the Getter Team. I cannot thank you enough. My donation is but a drop in the bucket of sacrifices you've made to get this far.

  3. I'm glad everything is okay for now, eventhough i'm most interested in Nagai's other mangas like devilman, Jack (not his robot ones), i'm glad that someone is doing the ol' classics.

  4. Yes! Awesome chapter. Thanks so much! Hot coffee up the nose is now my greatest fear.

    Super cool to finally see a reference to Hayato being a terrorist. I was wondering if & when that would pay off!

  5. I can't thank you guys enough for all the work you've done with these translations! (I'll be donating once I get paid...)

    Like the other anon asked, do you have any plans to translate any of Nagai's other works? I'm loving Devilman Lady, and I'd really like to get my hands on some of the Enma-kun series or Kekkou Kamen!

  6. Happy to contribute to the quality work ya'll produce. Keep on rockin'! Can't wait to see Great Mazinger get finished so I can complete my little Dynamic Robot collection.

  7. Well, Wright is working his absolute hardest to line up some great projects. We're making plans to do these series:
    Mazinger Angels
    Harenchi Gakuen
    God Mazinger
    Kekko Kamen
    Iron Virgin Jun
    Lovely Angel

    Not to mention, we're getting some Ishikawa and Gosaku Ota projects underway. We also have plans to do Mars by Yokoyama.

  8. Don't forget Dokuro no Yakata. I can't say for certain it'll all work out, but I'm doing my best! Hopefully we can knock all those out this coming year

  9. Oh Benkei you're so silly XD.
    Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys put into this and congratulations on reaching your quota. I wish I could have helped in donating but I have no method of doing so [shoving my money into the screen didn't seem to help either].
    I notice that Cutie Honey and Abarishi Family aren't in the list. Any ideas if there are plans for them or that someone else is working on them? No rush, just curious.

  10. But kekkou kamen is already being scanlated. Is there a need for a second group to do it? *insert vietnam flashback of 100 groups doing naruto at the same time*

  11. >I notice that Cutie Honey and Abarishi Family aren't in the list. Any ideas if there are plans for them or that someone else is working on them?

    I would like to do them. We plan to get a lot of Nagai works done, so it's very possible.

    >But kekkou kamen is already being scanlated. Is there a need for a second group to do it?

    Well, I'm not entirely sure of the situation since Wright is the one handling project direction, but I believe Kekko Kamen was already a joint between HappyScans! & wonderprojectj, so I would just be helping Wright's group (HappyScans!) with the project.

  12. I can say Cutey Honey and Ikka are planned.

    I may have listed Kekko Kamen by mistake since we're doing that one already. But we've got good stuff on the way.

  13. Omg this is GREAT news!!!

    I can't w8 for those mangas...

    Nagai is so epic, i can't believe that his mangas remained untranslated for so long... I hate those groups that translate gay shit, and there's like tons of crap of that being released every day...

    Kekkou Kamen and Enma-kun are being worked on, do your research before you ask stupid questions...

    In Tantei Jimusho H.G is that hard-gay wow :D?

    Any idea what Akuma-Kishi is about?

    Like i've said before - currently on mangaupdates Go Nagai has listed 119 titles!!!, out of which no more than 15 have ever been released in English (be it complete or incomplete).