Getter Robo Go v3 ch1+2 and Volume 2 Compilation

Double release this week! Enjoy.

Getter Robo Go v2

Getter Robo Go v3 ch1

Getter Robo Go v3 ch2


  1. You guys are just awesome!! Out of curiosity will you guys translate the other Getter Robo mangas? Id definitely love to see Getter Robo Daikessen.. and some Mazinger and Mazinkaiser. Sorry if its to much. No rush just curious =)

  2. He's mentioned just translating the cannon ones(Getter, Getter G, anything within that storyline). He mentioned mazinger but I wanted to mention something. I saw two versions of the mazinger Z manga. One is (I assume) the original manga. The other version is essentially a remake of the anime. The two have some big differences. The anime version has Kouji's grandfather dying like in the anime. In the other version, his grandfather looks something like what we would figure a mad scientist looks like (If you've seen the Mazinkaiser anime you'll know what I mean), and it doesn't specifically say he's dead, he's just missing.

    Anyway, just reiterate, I've seen two versions of the mazinger mangas published. Here is the address I found it at. You have to register, but is basically nothing compared to the searching.

  3. I see thank you well it was nice to dream reading daikessen in english. Anyways any of the two mazinger versions would b nice to read. Take your time and keep up the good work!

  4. With the Getter saga, I'm only interested in Getter Robo, Go, Shin and Āḥ. I know Hien is part of the main storyline, but I have no plans to do it. With Mazinger Z, I would do the original manga.

    As for other works by Dynamic Pro, there are a couple titles that I would really like to work on. The ones most important to me are Makai Tensho, Dante's Divine Comedy, Maju Sensen and Freeder Bug. But, realistically, I probably wouldn't be able to find translators for these works. But, we'll see what happens in the future.

  5. Does that mean that after GR-Go, you guys will backtrack and do the original series?

    (Thanks for doing these period, I've been a fan of Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa's work for a while. Glad I can finally read the original mangas.)

  6. >Does that mean that after GR-Go, you guys will backtrack and do the original series?

    I hope so. Unfortunately, the translator situation hasn't changed at all. So I really can't promise anything, but have faith that I'll try my best to get it going.

  7. Just keep up the good work and don't get ahead of yourselves.