So, my two page spreads have been having a bit of a problem with CDisplay. I decided to check into this problem and discovered that CDisplay will not correctly display any image created in Photoshop with a transparent background.

To fix this, I've gone through each spread I've released and added white backgrounds. All of these should display properly in CDisplay. Just replace the old files with the new files from these:

Getter Robo Go CDisplay OK Spreads

UFO Robo Grendizer CDisplay OK Spreads

I'll avoid this problem in my future releases.


  1. Thanks a bunch for these fixes.

  2. I noticed that CDisplayEX doesn't have that issue, but I don't like using it. It seems to lack spacebar auto-scrolling, for example.

  3. >I noticed that CDisplayEX doesn't have that issue

    Yeah, this seems to just affect CDisplay. I haven't heard of similar problems with any other image viewing program.

  4. Why did you release pages with transparent bg's? :O
    That would screw them up in most image viewers that doesnt come with a pre-set white bg.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to do this; best of luck for your projects!