Getter Robo Go Volume 1 Chapter 3

Here's the newest release

Chapter 3

I had this one done for a couple of days now, but my internet connection was out. Oh well.

Anyway, chapter 4 may a take a little bit, I don't know exactly when I'll get the script for it. Volume 2 is probably going to take a little bit to start, since I'll have to wait for the books to ship. But once that hits, things will go a lot faster.

Also, this chapter was done by our French friend! He's a great guy.

The plan for Getter Robo Go is this:

B is working on the last two volumes right now.

Tatari will do a bulk of the translation from French from volumes 2-5 once we get them shipped to his location.

Lionel did this chapter, will do chapter 4, and will help with anything from volume 2-5 when he can.

Everything is going exceedingly well.


  1. You rock, all of you!

  2. You know, I'd think that by now /m/ could have donated the 10$ we're missing. Baw baw baw.

  3. My manly spirit is burning up! Hopefully /m/ will come through...pfft hahaha-ahem. I do hope that you continue scanlating Getter Robo Go as awesomely as you have been. Truly, it is full of GAN GAN GAN GAN epic win.

  4. Gamlin that one tripfagOctober 4, 2008 at 11:02 PM

    Ok fuck this. I'm tired of seeing the ten dollars short. I'm getting my first paycheck near the end of this month. I'll pay the ten dollars. Getter robo is my favorite SR and I would buy the volumes if they got an official release, so ten bucks for you guys to get more volumes is fine by me.

  5. Thanks Gamlin, appreciate the thought.

    I've finally been able to order the Getter Robo Go French volumes today. It's going to take a while to ship, but at least we have them.

  6. Gamlin that one tripfagOctober 7, 2008 at 11:26 PM

    Well next time then. I'm guessing there's other series you guys will need to buy.

  7. I don't want to be a bastard with you, since you're one of the few really into the Getter Robo books and doing scanlations for them, but will you do the original Getter Robo/G manga? And how about ARK? There is a chance?

    Still, Getter Robo Go is probably the best of the series, just by translating this in itself is already a good choice. Thank you.

  8. We should be starting the original Getter Robo manga in December. As for Getter Robo Āḥ, that's something I want to do, but there's no definite plans yet.

  9. Will you also be doing Getter Robo Dash?

  10. I don't plan on it.

    I'm only interested in Getter Robo published up until Āḥ. I don't care for either Hien nor Dash, but even less so with Dash since it doesn't fit into the Getter Robo continuity.

    If I end up doing other manga after completing the Getter Robo saga, it would probably be Mazinger related. I especially like Mazin Saga. The original two volumes of Majuu Sensen are also something I'm interested in.