Getter Robo Go Status

An update just to keep readers in the know:

Getter Robo Go is still progressing.

The basic run down right now is that the translation is moving slowly, but we're working at it. I've recently ordered the first four issues of Viz's old Getter Robo Go localization to check out their translations and see if I can use them to speed things along. There are seven issues in total, so it'll probably cover the entire first volume.

We're also looking into purchasing the five volumes of Getter Robo Go in French to translate from. But unfortunately, since we're poor college students, money is hard to come by. But we'll keep at it. (If anyone knows a good place to buy it from or if scans of the volumes exist, let me know!)

Currently, we have the first 20 pages of Getter Robo Go translated along with some other misc pages from other volumes. I've been pumping out cleaned scans and joining pages left and right! So when we have the scripts, I'll have it out ASAP.

Here's some of our progress:


  1. the Canadian robot is Robostone, not Robo Sun

    it's NISER not Japanese NASA(even a BGM from the anime has the name in Romaji)

    it's Texas, not Captain Texas.

    the pilots of the Stelver are Schwartz and John Lambert
    the German one is Heim Shatzner
    the Canadian ones are Sam&Bob Hossner
    the British one is Linda Teramiss

    if you are using the American edition, I'd say it's far from being

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  3. テキサス艦長 is literally Texas Captain

    ストーン is Stone
    スーン is Sun
    It's name is ロボスーン which is Robo Sun

    シュワルツコフ is Schwartzkof

    Her name is Linda Tiramisu, which is Italian.

    We were a bit confused on ネーサー, which phonetically is ne-sa-, so thanks for that.

    A lot of the names weren't completely romanized yet as that was just quick mock up.

    Basically, if you want to correct us, join the project. I don't appreciate random people who just nitpick and are actually wrong.

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  4. Thanks guys for being so awesome.