Violence Jack Volume 1 Complete

And without further delay, here it is!

Violence Jack volume 1

This isn't really new material, but now we can move on to Violence Jack volume 2 with confidence knowing that we've got this out of the way. While working on this volume, I was driven to bouts of extreme violence... Jack really does live up to his reputation! Thanks to Hokuto no Gun and HappyScans! for their great work. Working alongside them and OtherSideofSky is a blessing as together we've become quite the manga scanlation powerhouse.

Next up is some Getter Robo Arc, Anthology, Mars and much more! Soon, we'll start working through our catalog of manga that Wright purchased for the purpose of scanlation.


  1. Aaaah nothing like reading some Violence Jack, after its carcass has been properly murdered and dissected, while having a nice drink *sips drink*

  2. If there is any group of psychotic, badass, bearded sub-gods that can see this through to the end, it's you guys. Rock on.