Getter Robo Arc & Anthology

It's time for the second chapter of Getter Robo Arc! With the Getter Arc team assembled, our three heroes make their first sortie. Thanks to OtherSideofSky for translating this!

Getter Robo Arc Volume 1 Chapter 2

And now for a special release - Getter Robo Anthology chapter 2! Wow... It's been a long time. The project got stalled since the previous translator ran away and I was too busy trying to get other things completed to focus on this project. But, luckily for everyone, Chen Gong decided to translate this manga for us. Really, I can't thank him enough for doing this. Go over to his blog and give him your thanks for saving this long dead project! Don't forget to check out his other great projects, too.

Also, I've rescanned and re-edited chapter 1 of Anthology. There are two versions of each chapter - a normal quality and a "low-quality" version. The normal quality version is 300dpi (the same as Arc) but the pages are physically large so the scans reflect that and may be too large for some people to read comfortably. Therefore, the LQ version is at 200dpi and should be fine if the normal version is too large for your monitor resolution. Anyhow, enjoy!

Getter Robo Anthology Chapter 1
Getter Robo Anthology Chapter 1 LQ

Getter Robo Anthology Chapter 2
 Getter Robo Anthology Chapter 2 LQ


  1. Lol ooohh Takuma don't you know its very impolite to stare at people and that it can get you into troble? Especially of the catastrophic type if your staring at Getter pilots like Kamui. Your dad would be so proud XD. I just noticed something but is it me or does Baku remind anyone of New Getter Benkei? Guess that explains where Benkei got the monk aspect XD.

    Also yay more Anthology. We went from Getter in Chap.1 straight to Hien in Chap.2. Oh hi Emperor. How you been? Hey I'm being attacked by this nutjob. Wanna tag team? Oh, you're busy crushing planets and space/time rifts again. No problem at all. I'll just Space/Time Copy Sunshine Spark this b****. Let's have a drink later. Bye *boom* The End =P.

    1. Yeah, New Getter Benkei's design is based on Baku. That OVA has a lot of references to Getter Robo Arc in general, actually.

  2. Yes! Thanks so much!!! Great work as always!

    I had to google Shokatsu Koumei... super famous Chinese military strategist, eh? My memory of Go and Shin is a little fuzzy - is this the first he's appeared in the Getter-verse?