Violence Jack Ch. 18

Violence Jack continues!

Violence Jack Volume 1 Chapter 18

We've got two more chapters left to go in this volume, and you can expect to see them soon! Many thanks to Hokuto no Gun and HappyScans!


  1. awesome! i check this page 3 times a day. before and after work, andbefore i go to sleep :)

  2. Nice one. Thanks and please keep Jack goinGG.

  3. Excellent stuff! For a minute there you had me panicking because I thought 6 pages had gone missing between chapters 17 and 18 but then I realized that you just switched to using the actual page numbers as opposed to the file numbers. There used to be a difference between the two because up until now double-page-spreads were treated the same as a single page.

  4. Thanks! Keep doing this fantastic work.