Devilman Lady Volume 15

Two more to go! Two more to go!

Devilman Lady Volume 15

Thanks, as always, to OtherSideofSky and Wright!


  1. thanks but pages 131-135 are missing.

  2. Oh dang, oh dang, oh dang o_o! The volume was fairly ok but the one thing that got me exited is hinted at in the cover. Oh God Lady D>! Speaking of which the floating head piece of doom from volume 11 hasn't been around in a while. He showed up for like one volume and then he was gone. This makes me very very sad. I wanted more floating head of kickassery ._.

    Hmm out of curiosity are you planning to make torrents for other works once their complete [example Devilman Lady, Getter Robo Saga, etc.]

    By the way more bad news about hosting sites. Because of the MU scare some like Fileserver and Filesonic have been either taking away their hosting capabilities [meaning you can't share files with people anymore and only the account owner can download them] or blocking the US. Mediafire and I think Rapidshare are still fine though. They said they won't change anything and will continue as normal.

    1. Yeah, I'll make a torrent for Devilman Lady and eventually Getter Robo Saga. I hope mediafire doesn't get shut down eventually, as that would cause a lot of problems for me.

  3. Ok I dont comment nearly enough but atleast this time it was because I lost the bookmark of the blog for a few months.(refound the blog through HokutoNoGun btw)
    It's awesome seeing how far this has progressed and also the new projects. Violence Jack is one of my favourite mangas of all time and it's nice to see it finally picked up by a group of groups that both know what they are doing and has a past record of not dropping things on a whim.

    Thanks for all of your great work, it is appreciated.

  4. Don't worry, there are people like me who literally fight with other people who'll upload a given torrent first. So i plan to up this on bakabt as soon as 17 is out!

    Thanks for this.