Devilman Lady by Go Nagai and Dynamic Pro

Presenting Go Nagai's Devilman Lady volume 2! The first volume of this work was translated way back in 2008 by SaHa, I believe. It's a fairly graphic manga featuring lots of nudity and rape, so beware.

Let me say a few words about this project. Firstly, volume 2 (and soon, volume 3) of Devilman Lady, translated by Farah (translator of Neptise Scans), is a joint project between Dynamic Pro Scanlations and Happy-Scans! Volume 4 onward will be translated by OtherSideofSky who will also do a majority of the editing, while I'll continue to do the two page spreads and Wright will clean. Come October, I'll be taking over the typesetting for OtherSideofSky for as long as he needs me to.

Well, without further ado
Devilman Lady Volume 1
Devilman Lady Volume 2


  1. Thank you so much for the volume 2. I can't wait to read it =D

  2. YES!! This gets better and better... This blog is a manna from Heaven.

  3. you re the best!!!

    go nagai is a god!!!

  4. As the guy who scanned this series (as well as Amon, Violence Jack and a ton of lesser known Nagai works) I'd like to thank the people who make these scanlations possible with their hard work and dedication. I'd also like to apologice for the sometimes less-than-ideal quality of my scans. My hope for a group to pick these series up for translation was always a major part of my motivation in scanning and I get a big kick out of it happening after all these years.

    To clarify, the first half of Devilman Lady 1 was scanlated by Cidsa's Scanlations. I then commissioned SaHa to do the remaining half of the first volume.

    I hope you guys will be able to finish this series. 17 volumes was a ton of work to scan and I can only begin to estimate how much work the translating (Nagai's manga tend to be rather verbose), typesetting and editing will be.

  5. Thanks, Gurotaku!

    Your scans are highly appreciated, and is the reason this project is even happening. I would have never worked on Devilman Lady if had to buy & scan all 17 volumes myself. The fact that you scanned Violence Jack has me in complete awe. That manga series is simply MASSIVE. Much respect and thanks again.

  6. Thank you so much! This and Violence Jack have waited for so long to read these masterpices, will certainly donate for this project

  7. Yeah, i'm definately following Jack and the lady.

    How many volumes is Jack?

  8. Violence Jack is 31 volumes, but it depends on the edition. I have have raw scans for an 18 volume set, which is probably what Project Bite Me! is working from.

    Violence Jack has around 9,000 pages. Whereas in comparison, Getter Robo Saga (every major Getter Robo Manga from the original to Arc) is about 4,000 pages combined. It's gigantic, to say the least.

  9. How did they manage to convert 30 + volumes into 18???

  10. Ow yeah i also forgot to mention that Violence jack is probably one of the first post-apocalyptic mangas? Correct me if i'm wrong (maybe there were some movies or books or comics before that, but i think Jack is probably the first pa manga).

  11. The 18 volume edition is 500 pages each volume, so I assume the 31 page edition is a little less than 300 pages each volume.

  12. Also, I don't know if its the first post-apocalyptic manga, but it's one of the oldest, that's for sure.

  13. Gurotaku: Yep, we definitely plan to finish. I'm currently just about to start cleaning volume 10. Which other Nagai volumes have you scanned? There's plenty others we've got planned down the road

  14. Wrigh: If you're from Happy Scans - thanks for your hard work. I went to your site several times and wanted to express my gratitude, but since i don't have a google profile (i can't choose anonymous) i was unable to post. I'm sure other people would do like me.

    Gurotaku: thanks for your job as well, your favourite of Nagai's work?

    Guy has nearly 120 mangas listed on mangaupdates (i'm sure the site is missing more of his works, i've seen many authors whose mangas weren't even there; for example the author of Sakigake Otkojuku - Akira Miyashita, only 4 or 5 of his stuff are on listed on mangaupdates)!!!

    And like only 10 mangas? have been worked on/are being worked on out of 120 (i know many of them are a continuation of his previous series, but still 120 WTFF).

    I always preferred those 80's and early 90's anime.

  15. @Wrigh: I've scanned Abashiri Ikka 1-5, Amon 1-6, Barabanba 1-2, Black Lion, Dante's Devine Comedy 1-2, Shin Devilman 1-5, Devilman Lady 1-17, Dokuro no Yakata, Dororon Enma-chan, Dororon Enmakun 1-2, Garera, Getter Robo 1-3, Hanappe Bazooka 1-10, Iron Virgin Jun, Jushin Liger 1-2, Kamasutra 1-4, Kekkou Kamen 1-3, Kikoushi Enma, Legend of Shutendoji 1-6, Mao Dante 1-2, Neo Devilman 1-3, Rambo Sensei, Susa no Oh 1-6, Tenku no Inu 1-4, Violence Jack 1-18, Violence Jack - Sengoku Majin Den (One Shot) and Zuba the Barbarian 1-2. If you or anybody needs higer resolution scans than the versions floating around, feel free to contact me. I mostly resized them quite a bit before sharing them online.

    @Anon: I'd say Devilman in its original first published incarnation is still my favorite. I am a big fan of some of the stand-alone stories in Violence Jack as well.

    In addition to Devilman Lady, Amon and Violence Jack (which are all currently being scanlated), I'd most like to read English versions of Kekkou Kamen and especially of his collaboration with Kazuo Koike, Hanappe Bazooka.

  16. Nice. Link to those?

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't there a manga by Nagai that had several incarnations of different notable historical people? I'm sure i've seen that manga, i think the art was from Nagai...

  17. >Correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't there a manga by Nagai that had several incarnations of different notable historical people?

    You may be thinking of Araki's "The Lives of the Bizarre and Eccentric"

    Though, Nagai did do an adaptation of Dante's Divine Comedy. Which could be be what you're talking about.

  18. Gurotaku: We at Happy Scans are actually doing Kekko Kamen now! We plan to do Tenku no Ino, Iron Virgin Jun, Enma-Chan, Susa no Oh and others as well

    By the way, do you have links to the raws for Black Lion/Kuro no Shishi? I've been searching for them forever

  19. Getter team: is it possible that what i'm searching for is from some Devilman manga? I think the protagonist from each historical period was the same (i think there was hitler and some cowboy story as well).

  20. Ah yeah. You're thinking of Shin Devilman most likely. Ryo and Akira travel back in time in that one. Check out Neptise scans for the scanlation (http://neptise.livejournal.com/3891.html)

  21. Yeah that has to be it! Thanks.

    Btw i just read Oni, great art! It looks as if Nagai did it sometime in 2000, while it's from 1988 actually. Maybe the scans were too good, dunno.

  22. Great work! Now we'll finally get to know what's really the plot here. And hopefully the ending won't be so cryptic... ^_^

    BTW, how does everyone think the Devilman universe goes? Me, I think the order is something like this:

    Devilman -> Amon ->The ending of Devilman -> Violence Jack -> Devilman Lady -> Shin Violence Jack

    It looks a little freaky, I know. The way how I like to look at it is that the Devilman universe is similar in a way to Stephen King's Dark Tower universe, namely that after each story the universe is rebooted and Akira gets to try again (saving the world or saving Miki, name your pick). Ka is a wheel, you know. =D

    I don't know where to place Getter Robo vs Devilman, though, that could be a separate universe altogether.

    Well, that's all I have to say. Keep up the good work!

  23. How can Devilman Lady takes place in modern tokyo while Jack (according to you) takes place in destroyed Japan?

  24. >How can Devilman Lady takes place in modern tokyo while Jack (according to you) takes place in destroyed Japan?

    According to me? Anyway, that's a good question. Let me ask you, have you seen the ending of Violence Jack? I'm not too sure on the details of the whole thing, but Devilman Lady is indeed a sequel.

  25. I meant to adress that anonymous guy...

    No i haven't seen it. Do you mean one of the OVAs or the manga? Haven't read the manga... But as far as i know Jack doesn't have an actualy ending. But don't spoil it for me.

  26. I meant the manga. I won't spoil it.

  27. Hey sorry for using this blog, but i can't reach GuroTaku.

    GuroTaku i'm the one who replied to you on projectbiteme.

    Anyways where can i get your releases? I'm missing Hell's wind and i'd also like to download your other releases.

    Violence Jack: King of Brutes - i guess that's just a story from the manga? Not a seperate series?

  28. Here's what i found from GuroTaku

    Evil Town (Arc 6) Complete
    Demon Sumo (Arc 8) Complete
    King of Brutes (Arc 10) Complete
    Hell's wind (Stand aone manga), i couldn't find it

    The rest i have is Shin Violence Jack by Saha (Incomplete)
    Jack Demons in a war-torn land (By saga, Complete)

    If i'm not mistaken Demons in a war-torn land is the latest from Nagai's Violence Jack.

    If someone has Hell's wind by GuroTaku please post it.

  29. My bad. Shin Violence Jack is the latest.

    Also i'm not sure if Demons in a war-torn land is complete. It's supposed to be a one shot, but it ended with the narrator asking a question, so i'm not sure.

    Wikipedia also lists a 7 volume VJ manga other than the 31 volumes (not sure if it's only 1 x 7 volumes or 2 x 7 volumes).

    There are also several novels apparantly.

  30. @Anon: All the Violence Jack stories that I either worked on when I still had a group or commissioned thereafter can be found here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UIB75MDO

    King of the Brutes is a stand-alone story from volumes 6 and 7 of the 18 volume edition.

  31. Hey, Gurotaku. Do you have those Black Lion scans? I'd like to get my hands on them.

  32. Here's Black Lion:


  33. In the second volume, a character says that "Sai-ren" is the French pronunciation, but the French pronunciation isn't anything like that. It's spell "Sirene," and it's much closer to what the character says it's pronounced in Japan, "si-ray-n."

  34. As expected of a Japanese author writing about French pronunciations.

  35. Thanks much for this progress. I poste a youtube video "Rate this up if you think Go Nagai's works should be translated in Enlish..."

    But the idiots donlt know the value. he is after all the greatest manga writer after Tezuka and shoul be a world treasure.

    Someone thanked for Violence Jack but is is this part of the project?