Shin Getter Robo - Encounter with the Unknown

Today, I'm releasing the first new chapter in Shin Getter Robo.

It's called "Encounter with the Unknown". Some of you may notice that this chapter was adapted in the OVA, New Getter Robo.
I thought I'd release Shin Getter Robo as one complete volume, but I figured since I have some of the new material done, I might as well release it. Included with this new chapter are redone versions of the first two chapters, "Getter Robo vs Getter Robo G" and "A New Conflict". The quality difference between this and the old release is worlds apart.

Anyhow, enjoy.
(Getter Robo Saga) Shin Getter Robo Chapters 1-3

I'll talk a bit about the other new material exclusive to this edition of Shin Getter Robo.

The second new chapter, called "Crater Battle" is actually just an extra story at the end of the book. It takes place during the Moon Wars that was the prequel to the OVA Shin Getter Robo Armageddon (Known in Japan as "Shin (Change!) Getter Robo: The Last Day of the World"). It obviously has no bearing on the manga story, but it's a fun read. Translation for it is complete, and I'll start the scanning process probably tomorrow or Monday.

The rest of the new content takes the form of additions and alterations to the original Shin Getter chapters. There's over 30 pages of new stuff! It mostly concerns Getter Emperor's scenes.


  1. Thank you very much for the release!

  2. I finished reading the first saga (I been waiting to be finished so I could read it all together) and again I have to thank you for letting us enjoy such a masterpiece.
    I will star reading the saga edition of Shin Gettaa now.
    I will be looking forward for the G!!
    Keep it up!!

  3. Wow! Phenomenal work as always, guys!!!

  4. Thank you for another wonderful upload. Its so wonderful to be able to read all this and see the differences between these and the other versions. Keep up the good work X3!

  5. Thank you! Viva la Getter!