Double Dynamic Special!

Wondering where the end of Mazinger Z is?

Biting your nails waiting for the last Getter Robo chapters?

Well, wait no more!

After many delays, sub ninja attempts, and sleepless nights of hard work, I present:

Getter Robo Volume 2 Final Chapter

Getter Robo Volume 2 Special Chapter - Go For It, Musashi!!

Getter Robo Saga - Getter Robo Volume 2

Mazinger Z Volume 5

And with that, two classic manga series are completed! Big thanks to Starseeker, Lunasaint and Damage. Joining me on this Mazinger volume is a new editing recruit, Phangry. Thanks!

Now, Dynamic Pro Scanlations looks onwards to new horizons. So, what's on our plate now?

Namely, Getter Robo G and Great Mazinger. Joining me on Getter Robo G is our paid translator, Damage. And graciously translating Great Mazinger is Starseeker and Lunasaint.

Scanning for Getter Robo G will start soon. Also, the Saga version of Shin Getter Robo is progressing smoothly (new chapters/sections are translated, two chapters are completed, resuming scanning soon). But that release will be much later, as I work on that intermittently between my other projects (Free time? What the hell is that!?).

Go and thank Starseeker & Lunasaint! And be sure to check out their other projects!!


  1. you guys are awesome. Thanks!

  2. I am squealing in joy at the moment and shedding tears too. Musashi you crazy bugger ._. The extra chapter was just silly and the Mazinger Z Vol. 5 was good too. You guys are just to epicly awesome. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Thanks guys. I really appreciate all the work you've done with these titles. I never thought I'd see any of this stuff in English.


  4. I was waiting for this!
    Thank you guys!

  5. Awesome!!! Great work, everyone! Really looking forward to sitting down and re-reading Getter Saga volume 2 all at once. And can't wait for Getter Robo G!

    Loved that extra chapter. So weird and funny.

    Were any changes made to the Getter Robo manga for the Saga edition other than the addition of the prologue and chapter 9?


    Weird how Archduke Gorgon just appears unannounced in the Mazinger manga. Guess I've gotta start tracking down the anime to find out what happens to Dr. Hell. Somehow I bet he loses...

  6. @Burnham

    I'll detail all of the changes I can remember new to Getter Robo Saga.

    Getter Robo (2 volumes)
    -3 new chapters (prologue, ch2 of volume 2, and Musashi special)

    Getter Robo G (1 volume)
    -New ending (a hybrid of new scenes and old scenes)

    Getter Robo Go (3 volumes)
    -Changes to Hayato's story about the Saotome Research Laboratory's demise
    -Special chapters: Getter and I by Ken Ishikawa detailing the creation and progression of the Getter Robo manga

    Shin Getter Robo (1 volume)
    -2 entirely new chapters
    -New pages and scenes added to original chapters

    Getter Robo Āḥ (2 volumes)
    -New ending (this was included in other editions of the book. Basically, it differs from the original magazine publishing)

    I believe that covers all of the changes in Getter Robo Saga.

  7. Having been a fan of the original Getter manga during my time in Asia in my youth, without fully understanding its meaning, I am happy and grateful to be finally able to read a superlative, labour-of-love English translation of the manga.

    I really like the way Ishikawa gives Emperor Gore a heroic soliloquy before the final battle. It turns Gore into a Captain Ahab figure determined to slay the Getter at all cost.

    I am also struck by how the ending reverses the plot of one of the early episodes of the TV anime, in which Gore abandons one of his best fighters in the lava to die. By reusing and tweaking the story this way, Ishikawa gives Gore a pathetic 'my kingdom for a lava pod' moment.

    Thanks again for your brilliant subs.

  8. Great work guys, your scanlations are some of the best. I've been wanting to see Getter Robo and Mazinger Z translated for years now. Thanks so much for making that happen.

    Quick question, any thoughts on doing Great Mazinger? 'Cause I would totally be willing to front the money for you to get the two volumes. I dunno if anyone else asked you about this, I didn't really look through the comments and posts very thoroughly.

  9. Rest assured, we'll be doing Great Mazinger thanks to Starseeker and Lunasaint.