UFO Robo Grendizer

Well, isn't this from out of nowhere?

This is the original version of UFO Robo Grendizer by Go Nagai. It's one volume long, and pretty different from the anime.

This project was actually a commission by one of our readers. So, this wouldn't have been possible without him. Thank you!

This group may go by the release name of "Getter-Robo", but I'm personally open to all Dynamic Pro titles, if there's a willing translator to work on it. If I ever get a chance to do any other titles by Nagai/Ishikawa or Dynamic Pro in general, you can be sure I'll do it.

I hope you enjoy UFO Robo Grendizer!

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  1. It's awesome that you guys did this, but a few of the pages are messed up. (The lineart is only in thin outlines.)

    Any chance of getting a fixed Version 2?

  2. There are no "messed up" pages.

    Are you viewing them at the proper resolution? What are you using to view them?

  3. It happens with a couple of the Two-page spreads. Like the Mazinger group attack on pages 186-187.

    I'm using the CDisplay Sequential Image Reader.

  4. >CDisplay

    There's your problem.

    I've heard of a couple similar happenings with CDisplay in the past. Such as incorrect levels of black/white.

    My only suggestion is switching to one of the various other image viewing programs. I've only encountered problems with CDisplay.

  5. Nothing wrong with cdisplay. But you have probably switched on some settings meant to be used when viewing bad scans where the levels aint corrected on. Just go to the options menu and look around.