Kyomu Senki Vol 1 Ch 5

Woo! Kyomu Senki!! Another excellent chapter of Miroku for you all.
Praise be to Takeru Kyori and HappyScans!

Kyomu Senki Volume 1 Chapter 5

In unrelated news, I've started collaborating with the ever wonderful TallGirlTranslations to release Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki because that's my jam and I need a break from editing action comics. Check out the series if you haven't already, it's worth it. In related news, the first part of Shin Mazinger Zero volume 5 is in the works. So please bear with the wait for now while I try to slay both scanlation and work!

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  1. Thanks, and good news. Is good to make adifferent kind of stories, right ? ;) Hope you enjoy it