Kyomu Senki Volume 1 Chapter 3

I'm back with another chapter of Kyomu Senki scanlated by Takeru Kyori. This story focuses on a pivotal segment of Nobunaga Oda's history that is shrouded in mystery and its place in the overall narrative of Kyomu Senki will become clear soon enough. Enjoy.

Kyomu Senki Volume 1 Chapter 3

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  1. Excellent as always.
    By the way, what relation does 5001年ヤクザウォーズ have to Tiger of 5000 Light Years? I noticed that they share a few yakuza mob villains, and of course there's the similar name (Yakuza War of 5001 Years?)

    1. Don't quote me, but I'm pretty certain there's no relation.

    2. Ah. Looking forward to Miroku and SMZ, and the first proper appearance of La Gous.