Shin Mazinger Zero Volume 3 Complete

Three down!

Shin Mazinger Zero Volume 3 Chapter 5
Shin Mazinger Zero Volume 3

Sorry I'm late with this release, chapter 5 absolutely kicked my butt in terms of redraws. It seems like the difficulty of editing a chapter increases with its awesomeness. A welcome challenge, I say. This chapter lives up to its redraws and I hope you'll all enjoy it as much as I did. And of course, I've got to give my undying gratitude to the translating prowess of the illustrious OtherSideofSky and our fantastic friends HappyScans!!

I'll start releasing Shin Mazinger Zero volume 4 probably next week since I'm out of translations for now and waiting on the next batch (the transition into the volume after next will be smoother, we just hit a logistic hiccup with this one). In the meanwhile, I'm going to finally be able to get to that special release I needed to release weeks ago and I'll be able to get some more scanning in during the down time for future releases. So you can still expect a non-Shin Mazinger Zero release later this week. 

Thanks to all and enjoy!


  1. The link for the full volume is wrong. You can DL it over at HappyScans but still might want to fix it here just in case. Anyways, thank you for another mazin release and look forward to more.

  2. Thanks for the release.

  3. Thanks! You just made my weekend better ;)