Mars Volume 4 Complete

I have returned! Sorry about the random long absence, but I'm back. We've come to the end of another volume of Yokoyama's Mars. Next volume is the last in this series, and the climax is sure to leave an impression.

Mars Volume 4 Chapter 5
Mars Volume 4

And here's the release I missed while I was gone, Super Robot Retsuden.

Super Robot Retsuden Chapter 3

About the title of Super Robot Retsuden... I'm no translator, but the Retsuden part of the title consists of two kanji: 烈 and 伝.  Retsu (烈) has dictionary meanings similar to extreme. Den (伝) refers to a legend generally. Super Robot Extreme Legend? I don't know. But that's the gist of it. Our friends at Hokuto no Gun would probably provide a better answer, so ask them if you feel like it.

And speaking of which, many thanks to Hokuto no Gun and HappyScans! for these releases.

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  1. Woohoo! Full release of Mars Volume 4! Now I can finally find out what happens. *reads* Noooooooooo Mr.Iwakura ._.!...

    As for SRR, that "Getter gentlemen" comment makes me chuckle. Oh look, another inconsistency with Getter Robo's melted damaged armor mysteriously healing XP.