Dynamic Superobot Wars - Super Robot Retsuden Chapter 1

The ultimate cross over manga featuring Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Grendizer, Getter Robo, Getter Robo G and Jeeg! These all-stars band together in order to defend Earth from cosmic evil. This manga is in the same vein as all those old Toei cross over movies, and the self-parody gets pretty strong later on. This series by Ken Ishikawa has been collected into one volume featuring ten chapters. Presenting:

Super Robot Retsuden Chapter 1

This project is brought to you by Wright of HappyScans! who purchased the raws for me to scan and is translated by our buddies over at Hokuto no Gun. Thanks to them for their awesome work!


  1. did I ever tell you that I love you?

  2. Knowing it's a Dynamic Special of all these characters and mech drawn by Ken Ishikawa is way beyond awesome for me, man!

  3. Awesome mecha crossover of badassery? BEST.THING.EVAH.

  4. how come Jeeg and Mazinger are the same damn size??

  5. I just bought this a week ago! Crazy...