Mars Volume 2 Complete

And here we are, at the end of Volume 2 of Mars! With humanity now believing in his tale of imminent destruction, Mars sets off for Egypt to stop the second of the six gods.

Mars Volume 2 Chapter 7
Mars Volume 2

Thanks to  Hokuto no Gun, HappyScans! and Doublegomez/Paralock for everything!


  1. I held off in reading Mars because I wasn't sure. It seemed interesting but I was more focused on your other projects and decided to wait till a few chapters piled up before starting. Now with volume 2 out I decided to give it a try and I must say... I'm an idiot for waiting >_> XD. I am enjoying this quite a bit.

    Now for some stuff: Mars isn't listed in Wikipedia, not even in Yokoyama's bio. The robot in the third page of volume 1 is God Mars so I tried looking him up instead and it says God Mars is loosely based on this manga. Go fig o.O.

    On another note, poor Tetsujin-28, even his own little brother got into Super Robot Wars long before he did XD. In case anyone doesn't know Tetsujin-28 [the 1980's tv version anyways] is gonna be in the new SRWZ2 Part2 game =P.

    Anyways thank you muchly and keep up the good work n_n.

    1. Glad you're enjoying the story, I was pretty happy when Katatonia decided to translate this manga. Yokoyama really is one of cornerstones of manga, so it's an honor to help release his stories in English. I was sad to hear that it wasn't the original Tetsujin-28 getting into SRW, but at least it's something. Hopefully in the future we can scanlate the original Tetsujin-28 manga as well as other Yokoyama works.

    2. I am very much Enjoying Mars also. It's surprised me how many of Yokoyama's other works I have been a fan of and grew up around without even realizing they were his creations.

      Thanks for this quality release, and I would absolutely love to see more of his work translated, Tetsujin-28, and Babel II-Sei in particular.

  2. You know, I kind of want to ask, since I've been following ever since I found this place and have been saving up to donate...
    How you feel about the whole scanlators vs mangafox argument?

    1. Well, I'd wish they would share some of that money with me, but oh well.