Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman Chapters 4 & 5 (and 6!)

Continuing to blaze through the first volume of Amon, OtherSideofSky has released two new chapters!

Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman Chapter 4
Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman Chapter 5

OtherSideofSky has also released Chapter 6!

Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman Chapter 6

Here's a word from the translator (taken from /m/):
I'll be back later tonight with one for the complete first volume and the first chapter of Devilman Vs. Getter Robo in a new thread. The complete volume 1 will have two additional translated pages of comments from the author and a few illustrations to accompany them (including a one page gag comic and a living Miki) so if you care about that it's probably better to wait.

Once again, all credit goes to OtherSideofSky, who is translating and typesetting this by himself.


  1. Geez, first volume already, that's pretty amazing. And Devilman vs. Getter Robo in reserve? Is it possible to get in touch with OtherSideofSky? If I can help out a bit, I'd like to.

  2. Easiest way to get in contact would be to check out his threads on 4chan's /m/ board.

    But frankly, he seems to prefer doing this by himself, otherwise I'd be working on it also.