Shin Getter Robo: Evolution's End (Final Chapter)

Now Shin Getter Robo is completely updated into its definitive edition. This is the chapter that ties it all together, and I especially liked the new segment at the end.
Shin Getter Robo Chapter 9

With that out of the way, I'll now focus my efforts on scanning the rest of Getter Robo Bible, and trying to get releases out for the other projects.

Originally, I had planned to release the volume compilation (with minor fixes) of Shin Getter Robo this week along with the final chapter, but it's been unexpectedly busy for me, so expect the volume compilation to be released early next week. Regardless, all chapters are up for individual download. Enjoy.


  1. Hooray! Thank you~!
    I've been following you for years (well- your site I mean... I'm not stalking you or anything.) and its about time I thanked you for the gigantic collection of Super Robot comics I have amassed since the beginning!
    T H A N K Y O U !!

  2. 10X from me as well. The old version of Shin Getter has a colourful cover unlike the the redone version. Just letting you know - you might include those as bonus features or w/e.

  3. Thank you!!!
    I will wait for you to upload the complete pack and then downloaded and read it.
    I cant wait to read G!!!

  4. A lot of thanks!

    Do you have the raw scans or the scans without text? I want to traduce it to spanish if you don't have any inconvenience.

  5. 3xcl4m4t10n, send me an email and we can arrange something so that you can release it in Spanish.

  6. 3xcl4m4t10n, I am also interested in traducting it to Spanish, so contact me if you need any help or if you don't mind help

  7. Well isn't this just the best thing I've ever seen. I was feeling starved for super robot action, so I decided to read the original Getter Robo manga which lead me here. Incredible work with the scans and translations. I'm looking forward to when you get to Getter Robo G, but I've got so much stuff to read I'm sure I'll be busy until then.

    Keep up the good work.