Shin Getter Robo: First Contact Act II

This concludes the First Contact story arc of Shin Getter Robo.
Getter Robo Saga - Shin Getter Robo Chapter 5

One interesting thing to note about the Shin Getter Robo manga is that its really a collection of stories that Ishikawa did over the course of three years. Here's a listing of the original publication dates for the various chapters comprising the Shin Getter Robo manga:

Getter Robo vs Getter Robo G - Comic and Game Kingdom (Futabasha) August issue, 1996
A New Conflict - New Super Robot Wars F Comic (Futabasha) 6/28/1997
First Contact Act I - Super Robot Wars F Comic 1/15/1998
First Contact Act II - Super Robot Wars F Final Volume Comic 9/8/1998
Crater Battle - Shin Getter Robo Visual Book (Hobby Japan) 12/1/1998
Struggle for the Dragon Act I - Super Robot Wars F Comic PS Edition 4/12/1999
Encounter with the Unknown - Getter Robo Generation (Moby Dick) 6/25/1999
Struggle for the Dragon Act II - Super Robot Wars F Final Volume Comic PS Edition 8/28/1999
Prelude to Destruction - Super Robot Wars Complete Box Comic 12/11/1999 
Evolution's End - Shin Getter Robo Compliation 2 (Futabasha) 4/17/2000 

Taken from: ビバ!ダイナミック


  1. Thank you!
    One question, how many chapters we have left until the saga edition of Shin is finished?

  2. There are four more chapters left. Most of the work on the next chapter is already done, and it'll be released early next week.

  3. should shin be read in the order you release them or the publication order?

  4. It should be read by the order its put into the book aka the page number.

  5. My God, all the stars in the sky are Getters!

  6. You're an evil person you know that? Showing all these epic pics and teasing us with these tiny updates. You're an evilly awesome person =D! Waiting is nothing knowing that you guys are sill around =3. I think my head exploded after seeing so many Getters and is it me or is there a very tiny Chibi Getter Robo at the bottom middle a little to the right o_o. Anyways, thank you for all the hard work and keep it up n_n.

  7. Great work as always! Thanks so much!