Today marks the completion of Shin Getter Robo volume 1!

Here's a 2nd version of chapter 3 that fixes some errors and adds a credit page.

Here's chapter 4

aaand here's Volume 1 in its complete glory. (rapidshare link)

Next on the list is Shin Getter Robo volume 2, and even more good news:

The translator for Getter Robo Go has gotten ahold of his books and is starting to translate tomorrow! Everything is going great! Spread the word on Getter Robo!


  1. Sorry but this "Shin Getter Robo Volume 1", YOU NOT HAVE COMPLETED, because the chapter 1 released by SHIN-GETTER, not is the same shin getter of your releases, is of another version manga of Shin getter, Shin Getter Manga have two distinct mangas (two voumes eache).

  2. I have all of the Shin Getter Robo raws, and the chapter 1 that [Shin-Getter] did is in the manga.

    I don't know what 'two verions of Shin Getter Robo' crap you're talking about, but I can assure you that we're using the same manga that [Shin-Getter] did.

  3. ...Volume 1 used by [Shin-Getter] has _5_ chapters.
    the 3rd one(after Brai's attack) has Ryoma testing Shin Getter and ending in the future.

  4. I don't know anything about this Shin Getter Robo version you're talking about. I've only seen 1 chapter translated by [Shin-Getter] and it's the chapter in my copies of the Shin Getter Robo RAWs.

    If you can actually link me to RAWs of it, that would be better. Because right now, it sounds pretty weird.

  5. Oh, and just to add:

    The RAWs I have of Shin Getter Robo volume 1 DOES have 5 chapters. It's a Getter Robo G chapter that I neglected to do at this point in time.

    Also, Ryouma does end up in the future in the volume I used. But he is not testing Shin Getter, he's investigating a weird object detected by the Getter rays.

  6. in the chapter from [Shin-Getter], chapter 3 is listed as "Encounter with the Unknown!". it's listed in the "[Shin-Getter]Shin_Getter_ch01_00.pngˈ paɡe
    it's not about Getter G, but, as I said, it's Shin Getter's test-flight

    the Getter G story you talking of is probably "Crater Battle"

  7. Alright, I see it. They have in their copy, one more story "Encounter with the Unknown" as you've said.

    I don't know when their version was printed, but I have the 1999 compilation.

    Regardless, the volume 1 translation that we are doing is complete. [Shin-Getter] may have gotten the story from another print of the manga, but that chapter is identical to ours.
    Either it was something added or taken out. It doesn't matter to me.

    If anyone can find RAWs of that version, by all means, tell me about it and provide a method to download it. Otherwise, further comments about this are pointless and will be erased.